Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 4 - May I be loving, kind and generous

"May I be loving, kind and generous to myself so that I can share more love, kindness and generosity to others." 

This is what danced into my head as I moved into my "take rest" posture after doing my best at most of the Ashtanga Primary Series postures early this morning.  Today's practice started at 6am because the tide has shifted and surfing is getting later in the morning now.

Living on a schedule that follows the flow of the tides is a joyous experience that takes some getting used to.  I was so excited about waking up and surfing, but now I can't because the tide is too low.  So I am going with the flow and am swapping the order of my practices.

Living the dream: Wake up, fruit feast, yoga, protein snack, surfing, more fruit, writing, lunch, whatever comes....  Magical. 

No cheat sheet today! And I did all of the postures up through Supta Kurmasana without a hitch.  I did find my mind wandering quite a bit, but tried to go easy on myself and simply bring it back to my breath and the posture I was working.

I did the Uttitha Hasta Padagustasana and Virabhadrasana postures in the right order and remembered to do Navasana.   I was also thrilled to make the full bind in Marichyasana C and to fully feel the distinct reality that Marichyasana D is not far from my reach.  I think I'll make the bind before I leave Costa Rica- and that has me pretty stoked.

Well damn.  I totally forgot to do my backbends.  I just realized it as I am writing this.  I need to work on Backbends, it's very convenient that I 'forgot' them.  I'll do a backbend practice this afternoon and will make sure I remember them tomorrow.

Even though I forgot to do a posture that I really need and want to work on, I worked hard this morning. When I woke up and walked over to the yoga deck, I wasn't sure I really felt like working very hard and was ready to take it easy through the practice.  But as I moved my body into the postures, the energy and interest in exploring more deeply found it's own way into the practice and I worked each posture to it's deepest.  

For time and energy's sake I did skip quite a few vinyasa's during the seated series. I have mixed feelings about it.  I skipped them for the practical reason that I wanted to finish in 90 minutes so I can eat before surfing.  I also skipped them because they are hard for me, and I am not sure how I feel about that.

I want this practice to be disciplined and I want to do the things that are hard for me.  I was thinking about these mixed feelings as I ended the practice to move into rest, and that was when the voice of God reminded me that I want to " be loving, kind and generous to myself so that I can offer more love, kindness and generosity to others." 

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