Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 6 - Back when I could bind....yesterday

Today's practice started around 7:30am in a different location because the yoga deck was being used for a group class.  It took a little adjusting in the new location, but the practice went well.  There was less breeze so I sweated more, which actually felt cleansing and good.

The practice was zinging along, I was in it, I felt good and then came Marichyasana C. I bound it for the first time yesterday and was thrilled.

Today I twisted my left arm over my right knee, tucked my tummy past my thigh, pulled my knee as far into and up my arm moving toward the shoulder as much as I could, reached around and my arm just stopped.  It wouldn't wrap, then I slipped away from my leg and the twist lots it's depth. I hugged in again, twisted, reached and my arm stopped. The third time, I hugged my leg in, reached my arm down and out...nope.  Wtf?

I did it yesterday, but not today. I was pissed off for a moment, and then took a deep breath and remembered this is only Day 6, and I have a lifetime to get the bind. I felt it yesterday, and I am sure it'll be back. So I just reached for my ankle, and enjoyed a deep twist imagining the full posture.

I finished my practice with as much energy as I started, not letting the absence of a bind I found yesterday get in my way.  I am not doing this to get anywhere, I am doing this to feel what happens every day when I try the same postures again.

This Ashtanga practice is about the experience of doing it, not what I can do.  It's awesome when I feel the body do something it wasn't able to do it in the past. And it is just as awesome to notice that today it won't do something it would do yesterday.

See you tomorrow!

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